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Job Opportunity in Rockwell Hotel London

Зарплата, от 3,000
Зарплата, до 3,000

Описание объявления

181-183 Cromwell Road, London, UK
We are delighted to bring to your notice the current employment vacancies in our reputable Hotels. We discovered your CV through the CV database website and we found your CV convenient for one of the posts in our hotel, These vacancies were created as a result of the temporary onward relocation of our foreign expatriate staffs that will go for further training, while others were sent oncompulsory retirement due to there official retirement time. As result of this, the Hotel hereby wishes to fill these vacancies with suitably qualified employees. Below are the jobs available. Monthly salaries are paid in UK local currency (British Pounds).

1 Car Washers ₤2800
2 Cleaners ₤3000
3 Bar Attendants/Waiters/Waitresses ₤2900
4 Skilled Entertainers ₤3200
5 Technicians/Electricians/Plumbers ₤2950
6 Hotel Agents ₤3000
7 Secretary ₤5000
8 Qualified Computer Engineers ₤6000
9 Drivers ₤2650
10 Experienced Securities ₤3500
11 Receptionists ₤4000
12 IT Consult/Network Administrators ₤5000
13 Web Managers/Developers ₤5000
14 Reservation Consultants ₤4500
15 Motor Mechanic Engineers ₤4000
16 Chefs ₤4000
17 Gardener ₤3000
18 Qualified English Tutor ₤5000
19 Qualified Medical Personnel ₤6500
20 Qualified Assistant Manager ₤7500
21 Qualified Accountants ₤6000
22 Qualified Human Resource Officer ₤7000

* Your age must be 18 years above
* Must have basic education at least.
* Must be reliable and trustworthy.
* Must be law-abiding and adhere strictly to the Rules and regulations guiding the operations of the Hotel
* Those seeking professional positions such must have must have qualifications and work experience which may be relevant to the position applied for.


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